How Are You Doing On the Goals You Set In 2010?

If You Are Doing Well, Excellent.  If Not, I’ve Got Good News.

From: Joanne Roibu


Frustrated About Not Achieving Your Goals?

Look,  I am not going to write a long story here.  Simply put, if you have not yet achieved your goals and find that each time you set them it is a struggle and, at best, a hit or miss proposition then you want to read on.

Do you want to have Razor Sharp Focus on your goals, earn the MONEY your deserve, have QUALITY TIME, and PEACE OF MIND (knowing that you are ON COURSE)?

Great! Then you want to be part of this.

I Created A Charter Program Just For You!

I teach a 3 step system to my one-on-one mentoring clients that is simple, easy to implement, repeatable and gets results. My clients are thrilled with their outcomes and I am happy to assist them in achieving their desires. It  works really well for all of us.  And, that could have easily been the end of the story but…..

Lately, I have been meeting more and more people who struggle with goal achievement, and knowing how easy it can be to accomplish goals, I decided to offer a charter program to help more people start reaching their dreams.   I’m calling it a charter program because I have not offered it to a group as an online teleseminar before.

There are 3 Things The Charter Program Will Help You With:

  1. Get clear about what you want (yes, this may surprise even those of you who think that you are clear)
  2. Resonate with/Believe what you want to achieve (yes, this is an overlooked MUST & it’s easy)
  3. Make an actionable, fun plan to make it happen.

That is it & it is crucial.

The program is 8 weeks and meets (via teleseminar) every week for 90 minutes.  Yes, there will be assignments and I will be helping you complete them and also hold you accountable.  No worries, it is all doable and fun but I need to know that you too are committed to your own success.

There are only 12 spots available.  When these spots are filled, they are filled.  I want to keep the group small so that I can work closely and effectively with each member.

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Joanne walks her talk

“Joanne is a master coach deeply valued and sought after by those who are serious about achieving their goals. She created a powerful, yet easy to follow, program that is focused on your goal success. Joanne walks her talk and has helped so many to activate a greater sense of connection to inner guidance in all aspects of career,business and life. When you set your next goal, or even look at some that are still work in progress, won’t it be nice to know that you are on your way to celebrate accomplishment? She is passionate about your success and dedicated to guiding you toward it. ”

Sharon Wilson
Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer



Still Thinking About It?

Isn’t it time to draw a line in the sand  and finally decide to start making your goals a reality? Let me ask you a question. 8 weeks from now, will you be celebrating success or will you still be looking at the goals you set this year?

Allow me to help you achieve your goals.

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Extremely effective at clearing and removing any blocks to success

“The value that I have received from Joanne’s insight and knowledge is amazing. Her coaching methods are extremely effective at clearing and removing any blocks to success. Just being in her energy is intense and has allowed me to make some big shifts in my new business and my personal life.

Joanne has really helped me to discover more clarity and purpose, something that I really needed in order to move forward.

Even though I have over 10 years of success in the corporate world, Joanne continues to amaze me with her ability to extract my creative ideas and help me put them into practice right away. Joanne’s method for empowering my entrepreneurial spirit is profound. If you are a new entrepreneur, or want to be, Joanne’s coaching is a must. It will save you lots of time and money. All I can say is to enroll in her program Now!”

Michael Knouse
Bend, Oregon

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Based both on my personal experience and that of my clients’, we all agreed that applying this system is doable and gives rapid results. And the part that I like the best is that it is streamlined and simple.

The Good News Is It Simple and Doable

and you are guaranteed to learn:

How to save time and get Crystal Clear about what you want to achieve.

How to save pain or frustration by following a simple, streamlined process to creating an actionable plan.

How to optimally use a proven system to assist you in overcoming and removing the blocks to your success in  15 minutes/day.

Imagine the satisfaction, peace of mind and the security you will feel when you know that you are right on target to achieving your goal.

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You Exemplify Laser Beam Focus

“Joanne, you have a track record of success which gives me confidence that you can coach me through anything and everything that comes up.

I appreciate your coaching approach and very high standards because I learn from the processes that we use as well as from the content of your teaching.

You exemplify laser beam focus. You have an excellent capacity to profoundly explore client’s issues, needs and desires combined with outstanding planning, problem solving and implementation skills to make it all happen

I respect your honesty. You always give excellent feedback that stretches me further and further.

You combine spiritual laws with practical tools seamlessly, and you know how to guide your clients to achieve their goals.

You have certitude that dreams can come true and never ever seem to doubt the process – this inspires me to reach for the stars.”

Steve Frampton
Knoxville, Tennessee



Why You Should NOT Sign Up…

There are definitely some people who should NOT sign up for this program…

Do not sign up for  this program if these are your last two nickels to rub together! 
I don’t want anybody to make their situation worse and get themselves into hardship. Please only sign up if you can afford it.

Do not sign up for  this program if you are not willing to put in your active contribution! 
I created this program to give people freedom, not assuage a guilty conscience for failing to act all these years.

I created this program to guide people through a simple, streamlined and proven process that guarantees success to those who follow it. Success doesn’t have to be hard but it doesn’t happen on its own.

100% No Questions Asked 
Money Back Guarantee

Order totally risk-free. If you are unhappy with the course in any way, please let me know after 1st class session, and I will refund your money no questions asked.

No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part friends.

I want you to apply the information immediately! I want to hold you accountable to really do something this time. No more procrastination. This is information that will change your life!

I will show you the proven 3 step system to use AND guide and mentor you to Success. So, I want to make this information affordable. It represents a way to FREEDOM. It represents a way that you can take more control over your financial situation, the quality time you spend with your loved ones and your fulfillment.

So, I am offering a rather outrageous 
offer…the entire program for only $88. That is $11 per week.

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There Is A Solution

I am someone who has faced similar disappointments and frustration when it came to consistently achieving my goals. I am someone who banged my head against the wall until… I found a solution to effectively and consistently achieve goals, using a proven 3 step system.

Allow me to help you begin Co-Creating the life you desire.

I want you to experience security, peace of mind and quality time spent with loved ones. And I want you to have FUN!

So here is what you need to do…

You need to take out your credit card and click on the order button below to reserve your spot in the charter program. Go ahead, click on the order button below and I will see you on the other side…

Yes, Joanne! This is Just What I Need. I Want to Achieve My Goals Now!

Please Sign Me Up:

All for the extremely low charter price of $88 for 12 people only!



2 Monthly Payments of $50!

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Disclaimer: We are not responsible for brokerage, tariffs, customs fees or duties associated with international orders.

Live With Passion!

Joanne Roibu

P.S. – Everything You Need To Achieve Your Goals Is Here!…What Are You 
Waiting For?

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