Unsuspecting Factor Preventing Your Goal Achievement


What I know

For years I was well aware that setting clear goals is good, making an achievable action plan (one with doable steps) is important and addressing the obstacles that stand in your way is paramount to manifesting what you desire.

No contest there.  This still holds true but it is easier said than done — otherwise goals would no longer be goals, they would be achievements!

What Surprised Me…

at first, but truly makes perfect sense, is that often the obstacles that prevent us from manifesting what we desire stem from our inability to forgive.  You read that right.

We may not even be aware of the emotional baggage that we carry with us as a result of unresolved anger and resentment and this often translates into judgment and perceptions about one’s self worth and capability.  And guess what that does for goal achievement?  Yep, it doesn’t make it easy.

What I did

After seeing some really amazing results from this process,  I was asked if I would record it.  So,  I did.   I created this meditation package to guide people through a simple and proven process that,when followed, starts building the foundation for success.

What you can do

Success doesn’t have to be hard but it doesn’t happen on its own…and especially if you start with a fragile foundation!

I invite you to try it yourself.

Click on the link —–>

Live With Passion!

Joanne Roibu

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