Procrastination – The Final Enemy


Procrastination is the habit of putting off jobs or tasks until an unspecified “later.” Because of this, it is the enemy of time management. And it seems everyone has put off doing something at one time or another.

Tasks that are unappealing, boring, monotonous or involving too much hard work are likely to be postponed. Clearing away clutter is a likely candidate for procrastination. Keeping control of the email inbox is often postponed, which can quickly get out of hand with the number of unread emails waiting for attention.

Many people procrastinate when it is time to see the dentist. For a lot of people, the dentist has had a negative connotation since childhood. In this case, putting off the visits for cleaning and cavity-filling will definitely put your oral health at risk.

Six Bad Effects of Procrastination

  • Knowing jobs or tasks have been left undone is not only bad for your morale, it prevents other jobs or tasks that rely on your work from getting done.
  • Unfinished jobs create a lot of clutter both physically and mentally, causing a drop in your efficiency.
  • The more jobs you put off, the more likely it is that an urgent matter will need immediate attention, leaving your usual work undone.
  • If your procrastination is noticed, you could be considered lazy and uninterested in your job.
  • The longer the task is postponed, the more unpleasant the thought of doing it becomes.
  • When the due date for your tasks or projects comes near, you will have to scramble to get it done, and the hurried nature of the work will be evident.

As tempting as it is to put off a task “just for a little while,” you should ask yourself why you don’t just do it. The projects and tasks will be there whether or not you act on them in a timely manner, so why not postpone your procrastination and get them done.

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