The Top 10 Time Savers


When talking about Time Management, there are time wasters and time savers. Time wasters, like long, unproductive telephone calls, chatter boxes, traffic jams, finding parking spaces, meetings, bad machinery, and long lines are all wastes of your time.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid or minimize the effects time wasters have on your Time Management plan. Better still, time savers can counter those effects and even improve your Time Management plan.

Below are some time savers that will help in the work place and in the home as well:

  • Telephones: Properly used, telephones can be the greatest time savers in your arsenal of Time Management tools.
  • Computers: Another tool that can be misused, the computer can also go a long way toward maximizing your Time Management plan.
  • Elevators: For more than three flights of stairs, using the elevator will save you time and energy; however, for three flights or less, it is probably faster to take the stairs, not to mention better for your body.
  • Fax Machines: Like the telephone, the fax machine can save time and postage by instantly sending documents and other important information to almost anywhere in the world.
  • The Internet: Combining the best features of the telephone and fax machine, email and video conferencing are just two of the many time-saving features of the Internet.
  • Coffee Machines: Before coffee machines became common in the workplace, coffee breaks were a lengthy affair.
  • Bulletin or Notice Boards: By posting to bulletin or notice boards, you can reach a great many people with minimal effort. This system works well in the home too. Placing in a central location for all to see, makes the home run smoothly as well.
  • Photo Copiers: Although typically taken for granted, when the copier stops working, it seems the entire office grinds to a halt as well.
  • Efficient Filing Systems: For all the documents that are not stored on a computer, it is vital to the smooth running of the office to be able to find what they need without a complicated search.
  • Good Junior Staff: With reliable and capable junior staff it is possible to delegate tasks to them. This junior staff can be your children, it’s never too early to teach them good work ethics.

By making the best and most thorough use of these time savers, you might find time in your Time Management plan that is unclaimed by tasks or projects. ┬áMost importantly, don’t forget to schedule time for YOU.

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