Where Does The Time Go?


It can be a surprise when you really think about all the time in a day.

How it seems so full and yet there are so many things left undone at the end.

Twenty-four hours is quite a bit of time, but so often it seems like it’s not enough.

This is due to a common false impression about time.

Let’s take a look at where all that time goes.

  • Assuming you go to sleep at midnight, and on average get seven hours of sleep, your waking time is seven in the morning. So we see that sleep takes seven hours from our allotment of twenty four, and that leaves seventeen hours.
  • Showering – A shower will take around ten minutes. Time remaining: sixteen hours and fifty minutes (16:50).
  • The “call of nature.” An estimate of bathroom use is half an hour. Time remaining: sixteen hours and twenty minutes (16:20).
  • Getting dressed and ready for the work day can vary from ten minutes to half an hour, so we shall split the difference and go with twenty minutes to get ready. Time remaining: sixteen hours (16:00).
  • Eating – Since  eating habits vary, we will just assume that everyone eats three times a day and they spend at least ten minutes eating. That’s a total of thirty minutes. Time remaining: fifteen hours and thirty minutes (15:30).
  • Time for relaxation. Everyone needs time to relax; and we can give an hour for it, which means the time remaining is fourteen hours and thirty minutes (14:30).
  • Time with family and friends. As social beings, we must be allowed time to reconnect with family and friends. This important task is worth at least one hour. Time remaining: thirteen hours and thirty minutes (13:30)
  • Commute and Work. On average, people work within thirty minutes of their homes, and have an eight hour day at their jobs. Time remaining: four hours (4:00).

So from our twenty-four hour day, all that is left is four hours. The day that seemed so endless in the morning comes out to limited by the tasks and efforts we all face every day. So where does the time go? Can you do anything differently to change your day to gain more hours?

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