Failing To Make a Change – A Dangerous Choice?


What Do You Do When Plans Don’t Go As Intended?

Undoubtedly each of us, in our life,  has been faced with what we perceived as a “failure” of some sort.  Yes, I am talking about that time when you intended something but it all seemed to go wrong, or plans seemed to go awry.  Well we might say that it’s simply the nature of life.  I look at it a bit differently.  One thing I am certain about though, how we choose to handle such situations is a great measure of what we can continue to expect to experience.

How We Choose To Handle  Perceived “Failures” Sets The Stage For The Future

John Wooden, one of the most successful basketball coaches that ever lived, told his players that “failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.” In that gem he gave a wealth of information about the ability to adapt to new situations, and strive for success in the most adverse of situations.  The past need not define your present or future!

A Simple Adjustment Can Make All The Difference

The trick, of course is to learn to adapt to the situation that you are facing. Things that you have always seen as assets in one area of your life can be transformed and reused to make another aspect of your life that much better. Even the simplest things can make your life that much better. One example is the creation of “stickies” those self-adhesive notes that populate nearly every corner of the business world.

The Benefit Of Being Open To Inspired Actions

In 1968, Dr. Spence Silver, a researcher at 3M invented an adhesive with strange qualities. Adhesives, as a general rule, work by leaving a sticky residue between two surfaces. This adhesive, however, did not melt, would not dissolve, and left no sticky residue on the surfaces. In essence it was a glue that would never permanently glue two things together. It was a fun substance to play with, but no one really could find a good use for it.

That was until Steven Fry, also of 3M got a hold of it in 1974. Mr. Fry had a problem, one that is faced by millions of people each year. He wanted to keep his place in a hymnal book, but the scraps of paper kept fluttering out when he used the hymnal. He wanted to keep the pieces of paper in place, but knew that he couldn’t damage the hymnal by leaving a residue, or bending the pages back.

By taking this apparently “useless” adhesive to the back of his scraps of paper, he could keep his place in the hymnal without worrying about leaving a sticky residue. Finally, the seemingly strange and useless adhesive invented by Dr. Silver had found a use. From that small beginning, the people of 3M transformed a little thing into something that nearly everyone in the business world can recognize.

What’s Your Choice?

By learning how to adapt what you have and use a few items and ideas into transformational things, every “failure” you face can be a springboard to your next success story. The choice is yours, and failure to change should not be the one you make.

When something does not go the way that you intended it, ask yourself:  “What wants to be born of this [..experience]”?  Then allow yourself to notice the next inspired actions that come to you.

Be open to receiving inspiration in a variety of ways.  It may be a billboard you pass by that has a message which triggers an idea for you, it may be something you hear someone say, you may get your next inspiration in the lyrics of a song you hear, a book you read…. Remain open and ask yourself: ” What wants to be born out of this current situation?”

Try it.  See what inspired actions you come up with.

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