Is it Possible to Achieve Your Goals with the ‘Do, Have, Be Method?’


Setting goals is an action taken by many in order to achieve success. However, how they reach these unique goals can vary widely from person to person. One might adhere to the belief that setting goals is a good idea, but then go about meeting those goals in a complete ineffectual way. So the question becomes, how does one meet their goals with success? What is the secret? For many, success is achieved when they follow one simple idea. First, be what you want, do want you want, and finally have it, and your goal will be achieved.

Why Not Do Something First?

Common sense will indicate that in order for a person to be someone specific, they need to accomplish a specific task. A mailman can’t really be a mailman until he delivers the mail, correct? But does that completely define who he is? Chances are he does a myriad of other tasks during his day, some related to his job as a mail carrier, some not. Often, we take on these extra tasks, such as fixing the copier at work, or changing the office water jug in the hopes of getting noticed as a team player, and ultimately as someone right for that next big promotion. Once you have that, the theory goes, everything will turn out exactly how it is supposed to be. In truth, however, this approach rarely, if ever works in the long-term sense. How many times have you gotten up, not wanting to be your job? How many times have you gone to bed, somehow wishing that you were a different person?

Visualization: An Athletic Technique Useable by Everyone

Thankfully, there is a real way to become exactly what you want to be. It’s a method used by athletes around the world. It is the art of visualization. If you were to ask Jack Nicklaus for example, he would insist that a golf club was never grasped until he saw the perfect shot he needed, and felt the right feeling. He was a success in his mind and in his heart before he even attempted the shot. This practice, this ability is found in nearly every successful athlete in the world today. Why couldn’t the same practice make you a success as well?

Conforming does not Equal Success

In truth, it is easy to exist in this world as someone defined by what you do, instead of who you are. Nearly everyone around you will choose the easier path dictated to him or her by the world around him or her. However, for those who truly understand what it means to be something, and have the driving passion to become what they are in their core, the method of do, have and be simply isn’t an option.

Start with who you are, visualize what you wish to become, and plan accordingly.

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