Social Media Know How? You Are Interested, Right?


Joyful Greetings,

Many of you have asked me:  “Joanne, how do I get my head around social media?  There’s got to be an easy way, right?”

You know that I don not recommend anything that I don’t try myself so,  I did not have anything…. until now.

My friend Ryan Deiss has discovered a woman in his home town that’s banking over $2500 a week playing on Twitter and Facebook.

(I also know her and I promise you she does really make this income and she is an excellent Social Media Manager worth every penny of what she normally charges!)

See how she does it – Click the link below

Here name is Kate and what she’s doing is so simple a 10 year old could do it.

She has NO product
She had NO website
She is NOT an affiliate

and all her traffic is FREE!  Now this is another great thing I can get behind.

See how she does it – Click the link below

Even if you don not plan to do what Kate does as a business, this is a great way to understand Social Media so you can apply it yourself and also know what to ask for if decide  to outsource social media management for your business.

So, go, go, go!

This is a great video and you’ll love it.
Best Wishes,
– Joanne

P.S. I know Ryan and he often pulls down videos
without warning. You had better go watch this while
you can.

Go watch ths NOW!

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