How Are You Doing On Your 2010 Goals?


Great?  Congratulations! And you need not read on.

Still struggling to achieve the goals you set this year? No worries, you still can & I’ve  got good news for you.

Tonight I am making available 12 spots in my 8 week Charter Program- My Goals Achieved.  This is the first time I am offering this type of program via live teleconference sessions.

To sign up go to  http://www.mygoalsachieved.com and secure one of the 12 spots now.

I Created A Charter Program Just For You!

I teach a 3 step system to my one-on-one mentoring clients that is simple, easy to implement, repeatable and gets amazing results. My clients are thrilled with their outcomes and I am happy to assist them in achieving their desires. It  works really well for all of us.  And that could have easily been the end of the story but…..

Lately, I have been meeting more and more people who struggle with goal achievement, and knowing how easy it can be to accomplish goals, I decided to offer a charter program to help more people start reaching their dreams.   I’m calling it a charter program because I have not offered it to a group as a teleseminar before.

If you are thinking that this must be yet another Goal Setting program,  think again.  This 3 step system is easy to implement, and gets repeatable results. It is simple yet incredibly effective and you can take action immediately (the right kind of action).

I promise you that if you are committed to achieving your goals, you want to grab one of the 12 spots and be part of the program.

Go to  http://www.mygoalsachieved.com and sign up for one of the 12 spots now.

There are only 12 spots available.  When these spots are filled, they are filled.  I want to keep the group small so that I can work closely and effectively with each member.

I made this program really affordable.  I did not want the cost of the program to be the reason you don’t sign up.

3 Things The Charter Program Will Help You With:

  1. Get clear about what you want (yes, this may surprise even those of you who think that you are clear)
  2. Resonate with/Believe what you want to achieve (yes, this is an overlooked MUST & it’s easy)
  3. Make an actionable, fun plan to make it happen.

Isn’t it time to draw a line in the sand  and finally decide to start making your goals a reality?

Let me ask you a question.   8 weeks from now, will you be celebrating success or will you still be looking at the goals you were hoping to accomplish this year?

Allow me to help you achieve your goals.

Wishing You Much Success!

Sign Up Now for one of the 12 spots  http://www.mygoalsachieved.com

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