Part 1: 5 Essential Components To Achieving Your Goals

There are indeed 5 Essential Components To Achieving Your Goals.
No Exception!

These Components have one important task. They help you get clear about what you really want. By getting clear about what you want, you will be doing exactly what many corporations do to achieve company objectives. Why not take the same professional approach to achieving what you want in life?

Whether your goals are to start or grow your own business or to have vibrant health, or perhaps to be in a mutually satisfying and fulfilling relationship, in order to master your life you need to be clear about what you want. Crystal Clear!

So how do you get crystal clear about what you want?

Let’s start with the 5 Essential Components To Achieving Your Goals:

  1. Identify Contrast or Identify What You Don’t Want
  2. Understand Why You Don’t Want It
  3. Identify What You Do Want
  4. Understand Why You Do Want It
  5. Eliminate The Limiting Beliefs That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals

Note: If you don’t get crystal clear about what you want using these 5 Essential Components, you will continue to do get the same results that you have been getting. And, we both know you are here because you want better results. Right?

Identify Contrast

To get Crystal Clear about what you want it is sometime necessary to start with Contrast. Contrast allows you to identify the opposite of what you want. I don’t know about you but I have a much easier time identifying what I don’t want than what I do want. I can write an entire book on things that I don’t want or that I fear might take place. If however somebody asks exactly what I do want… well, that gets a little more complicated. Know what I mean?

Let me give you an example: One of my clients came in and declared that she had had it with her current job. She wanted to start her own business. I asked her to elaborate. What kind of business did she want?

After looking at me a bit puzzled she responded, “Well, you know, a good, rewarding and fun one!” The truth is, I didn’t know and she couldn’t really articulate it. “I would know it, if I were in it,” she finally said.

Ok, she could have taken that approach but it seemed pretty disempowering and, frankly, it hadn’t brought her much joy, to date. Instead, we agreed that she would develop a list based on what she definitely knew she did not want her business to be like. This she had a much easier time with!

In fact, it got to a point that we actually needed to pear it down to 10-15 things she knew she would not want to compromise on. It is important to keep it to 10-15 core, non negotiable, items that you would simply not be willing to accept! You make the list too long and it is no longer realistic or focused.

Why Should You Use Contrast In Goal Setting?

There are two reasons why I start with contrast when I am setting goals:

Reason 1: 9 times out of 10 I am very clear about what I don’t want and I can articulate it very easily.

Reason 2: Once I articulate what I don’t want it is much easier to determine what I do want. And also understand why I don’t want it…..but more on this in part 2 of this mini course.

How Do You Use Contrast?

Start by making a list of the things you don’t want. For most of us it this is a piece of cake, right? So let’s do it.

Let’s say for example’s sake that I don’t want, “A business that requires long work days, for very little profit.” I would state my top 10-15 don’t wants:

I Don’t Want A Business That:

  1. requires more than 6 hour work days
  2. has an uneven stream of monthly income
  3. requires more than 20% of administrative work
  4. ties me to an office all day
  5. presents cashflow problems
  6. has lots of fixed costs
  7. has unforeseen hidden costs
  8. requires more than 3 months to break even
  9. requires more than 6 months to bring a profit
  10. I cannot do from anywhere in the world

Now it’s your turn. Use the model above and make your list. Go on, do it now!

Have you done it? Great!

Congratulations, you have completed the first step to getting clear. You are now on your way to being among the 5% of the world’s population who set and accomplish their goals. This in itself is quite an accomplishment.

Now it is time to discuss the next step in the contrast process. Asking “WHY” you don’t want the things you don’t want. This step is very revealing and gives you much insight to what stands between you and the achievement of your goals.

We’ll explore that in part 2 of the mini course. Stay tuned & see you next time.

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