Part 3: 5 Essential Components To Achieving Your Goals

In part 2 of the mini course you examined “WHY” you don’t want the things you listed in part 1. You found out that understanding “WHY” you don’t want the things you listed is crucial to making swift progress on achieving your goals.

You don’t want to work harder, just SMARTER.

Leverage The Information On The “What You Don’t Want” List.

Do you remember how we did the Contrast list? Excellent!

Now, turn the Contrast list on its head and…..Voila. You’ll get your “ What I Want ” list. Ready?

I Don’t Want A Business That:

  1. requires more than 6 hour work days
  2. has an uneven stream of monthly income
  3. requires more than 20% of administrative work
  4. ties me to an office all day
  5. presents cashflow problems
  6. has lots of fixed costs
  7. has unforeseen hidden costs
  8. requires more than 3 months to break even
  9. requires more than 6 months to bring a profit
  10. I cannot do from anywhere in the world

Turns into:

I Want A Business That:

  1. allows me to work 6 hour per day or less
  2. brings me a consistent income stream of $20,000/ month
  3. requires 6 hours of administrative work per week or less
  4. allows me to meet with clients and business partners in person or via telephone 3 hours per day
  5. has a positive cashflow each month (You can get even more specific i.e. $5k)
  6. has fixed costs that are no more than 30% of my revenues each month
  7. permits me to understand and easily manage all costs
  8. achieves a break even scenario in 3 months
  9. makes a profit in 6 months or less
  10. I am able to manage from anywhere I choose to be in the world

See how easy it is to discover what you want once you are clear about what you don’t want?

You Can Either Turn The Contrast List On Its Head Or Develop A Brand New List.

Some of my clients just turn the I Don’t Want list on its head and come up with their want list. But others, especially after having been through understanding why they don’t want certain things, come up with a brand new list.

For instance, in Jacob’s case, he realized that he does want to write a memoir through which he is raising the public’s spiritual awareness. He also reconnected with his passion to be of service and educate people in a playful, fun and non didactic way.

Jacob used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to clear his fears/blocks and reconnected with his passion.  EFT helped Jacob get very, very clear not only about what he wants, but also about the essence of what he wants to experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about EFT, I will be giving a complementary teleseminar on EFT very soon, so stay tuned!

“Essence?”, you ask, “Did we talk about essence?” Yes we did, but let’s review it in context of what you now know You Want.

In part 4 of the mini course, you get the steps that catapult you to being absolutely clear about what you want. Until next time…..

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