Part 4: 5 Essential Components To Achieving Your Goals

In part 3 of the mini course you made a list of what you want. Pretty easy when you are clear about what you don’t want. You still kept this list to 10-15 core, non-negotiable items.

Now it is time to do the next important part. You need to understand the essence of What You Want. You guessed it, examining “WHY” you want the things you listed in part 3. Why you want the things you listed is important.

What is essential about WHY I want something?

OK, you got that looking at “WHY” you don’t want something is crucial because it helps you uncover limiting beliefs that may block you from achieving your goal. But now that you have done that and you have come up with your list of wants…. why ask WHY again?

The short answer is…..

If you don’t know why you want something, how likely are you to put any energy in accomplishing it? You need to know what experience you are after. Right? In life, we do things because of one of 2 key desires. The desire

• to avoid pain…. or
• to create or recreate pleasure.

So what’s the best way to find the essence of what you want?

Let’s start with our list of Wants :

I Want A Business That:

Because I Want To Feel:

Allows me to work 6 hour per day or less


Brings me a consistent income stream of $20K/ month Secure
Requires 6 hours of administrative work per week or less Inspired
Allows me to meet with clients and business partners      in  person or via telephone 3 hours per day Challenged
Has a positive cashflow each month (You can get even more specific i.e. $5k) Free
Has fixed costs that are no more than 30% of my revenues each month Secure
Allows me to understand and easily manage all costs Stable
Achieves a break even scenario in 3 months Independent
Makes a profit in 6 months or less Successful
I am able to manage from anywhere I choose to be in world Free


To Recap: Find the essence or the “WHY” you want something, by thinking of how being/doing/having that particular something makes you feel.

Why is finding the essence of what you want, important?

I am sure that by now you can answer this question easily.

From doing the exercise above you now know that you want a relationship that is fulfilling , nurturing , stimulating , joyful , happy , secure , loving , encouraging , respectful and healthy .

WOW, this is powerful!

You know what you want and why you want it. Can you picture it? Is it easier for you to imagine and “act as if” your goals are accomplished if you understand and feel the essence of what you want? Sure it is!

Finding out the essence of why you want is necessary.

Finding out the essence of why you want something helps you focus on and achieve your goal. Not asking yourself what the essence of accomplishing that goal is, what you want to feel, sets you up for failure.

Yes, not knowing why you want something is just as dangerous as not knowing why you don’t want something. Find out the essence of what you want and enjoy the power of realizing your dreams.

Sounds complicated to master on your own? I assure you it is very doable.

If you would like to experience a powerful clearing tool from the comfort of your home, Stay Tuned!

I will be giving a complementary teleseminar on EFT very soon!

See you next time for the final part of Getting Crystal Clear about what you want to achieve.

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