Testimonials for Joanne as a Solopreneur Coach, Entrepreneur Coach and a Small Business Growth Consultant and Guide.

"There is nothing that can move you forward than having a coach like Joanne by your side."

"Joanne coaches with a style that comes across as relaxed, graceful and joyful. She has a powerful energy in "setting the stage" with her start-up meditations, that brought me right into the present moment..(& that was no easy task), allowing the coaching experience to be focused and amplified.

There are practical practices and tools that Joanne shares that have helped me work through the tough spots, the resistances and blind spots. By using the tools, it released the pent up frustrations and allowed new energy to flow, and AHA moments to blossom. I use the morning "scripting the day tool" every morning, it is the one tool that when I "don't use", I notice my day doesn't flow as gracefully.

I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone who wants to learn how to connect with
their own Inner Guidance, and who needs someone to hold them accountable while gracefully guiding them through the bumps life delivers.

Without Joanne as a consistent coach I would not have had the stamina and tools to stay focused, manage my energy, progress in my business, my passion, my purpose and my life, as gracefully and powerfully as I have.

There is nothing that can move you forward than having a coach like Joanne by your side."

Annette Agabob
Your Vibrant Health and Transformation Coach

"They Say “Success Leaves Clues” -- Joanne Is One Of Those Clues"

"Joanne Roibu is in a league of her own when it comes to coaching. She offers a unique blend of keen insight and a clear process that breaks through confusion and blocks and brings clients into a place of clarity and Action.

Yes Action. Joanne inspires focused action in the direction of your goals so you can see the target coming closer and closer with ease as you proceed through her program.

Joanne embodies excellence. She has the capacity to see in clients their unique gifts even when they cant and her process re-connects clients to their own excellence.

Her unique coaching style is practical and grounded yet very inspired. It draws from her own success in business and the corporate world as well as the very best of tools currently available for achieving success and personal excellence.

Joanne has a fantastic tool box that just guarantees success. For those in new business, Joanne is the master you need to guide you through the early stages. They say that ‘success leaves clues’. Joanne Roibu is one of those clues. If you are serious about achieving success or your business, Joanne Roibu will be on your team."

Deirdre Morris M.Sc M.Ed

"You Exemplify Laser Beam Focus"

"Joanne, you have a track record of success which gives me confidence that you can coach me through anything and everything that comes up.

I appreciate your coaching approach and very high standards because I learn from the processes that we use as well as from the content of your teaching.

You exemplify laser beam focus. You have an excellent capacity to profoundly explore client’s issues, needs and desires combined with outstanding planning, problem solving and implementation skills to make it all happen

I respect your honesty. You always give excellent feedback that stretches me further and further.

You combine spiritual laws with practical tools seamlessly, and you know how to guide your clients to achieve their goals.

You have certitude that dreams can come true and never ever seem to doubt the process – this inspires me to reach for the stars."

Steven Frampton
Kimberly Clark Corporation

"Extremely effective at clearing and removing any blocks to success."

"The value that I have received from Joanne’s insight and knowledge is amazing. Her coaching methods are extremely effective at clearing and removing any blocks to success. Just being in her energy is intense and has allowed me to make some big shifts in my new business and my personal life.
Joanne has really helped me to discover more clarity and purpose, something that I really needed in order to move forward.
Even though I have over 10 years of success in the corporate world, Joanne continues to amaze me with her ability to extract my creative ideas and help me put them into practice right away. Joanne’s method for empowering my entrepreneurial spirit is profound. If you are a new entrepreneur, or want to be, Joanne’s coaching is a must. It will save you lots of time and money. All I can say is to enroll in her program Now!"

Michael Knouse
Bend, Oregon

"I Can See MY Future With Excitement"

"Joanne’s forgiveness meditation is a spiritual experience which helped me to come to terms with past issues that I did not even realize where there.

I can see my future with a sense of excitement — and that is truly invigorating. I highly recommend Joanne to anyone who is seeking personal growth. I can assure you that is the best spiritual treat I ever gave to myself."

Monica DeFrancesco
Ossining, NY


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